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             We hope you will enjoy our homemade food, drinks , good service                                                                           and warm atmosphere




 email: info@bellinnglangrwyney.co.uk

tel: 01873 811115


   Please ask a member of our  team if  you  have  a  food   allergy,  intolerance   or  sensitivity, they  will  be able to  suggest  the  best  dishes   for you  !

            Thank you !


             Fisherman    Delights


Traditional Fish & Chips                                                                             £11.95

Brains cask ale beer battered cod served with garden or mushy peas,

 homemade tartare sauce and gourmet chips

Sea Food Tagliatelle                                                    £11.95

King prawns, mussels & squid served in a white wine creamy sauce

topped with parmesan cheese

Grilled Tuna Steak Salad                                     £10.95                                                                       

Tuna, sweet corn, cucumber, red onion, mixed leaves and

aioli dressing


Scampi & Chips                                                                                                £ 11.95

Jumbo whole tail scampi served with garden or mushy peas

and gourmet chips

Pan Fried Fillet of Salmon                                                  £14.25                                            

Served with saffron risotto, parmesan cheese, baby spinach,

 grilled asparagus and rich white wine sauce                                                                                        

Chef’s Sea Food Feast Sharing Basket                                         £27.95

Two beer battered cod fillets, grilled king prawns, squid 3 ways

cooked, chilli white bait ,onion rings, crab bites, jumbo scampi and

 gourmet chips served with tartare sauce, garlic mayonnaise

 and marie rose sauce


    You can add a selection of sesonal vegetables of the day for only £ 1.95


                           Bon appetit !




Soup of the Day                                                                              £5.95

served with a fresh crusty homemade roll and butter

   House Grilled King Prawns  cocktail                         £6.85

Served with crisp iceberg lettuce, marie rose sauce and brown

bread toasted

 Asparagus & Ricotta Cheese Ravioli                          £6.25

Served pea mint puree and white wine creamy  sauce

 Garlic Mushrooms                                                                      £5.95

Served in a creamy garlic sauce with fresh brown bread

 Smoked Duck Breast                                                                 £6.75 

Served with toasted baguette, orange segments, herb oil and

mixed leaves

  Twisted Filo Prawns                                                           £6.25

served with aioli dressing and mixed leaves           


                   Bon appetit !

                              Light Bites

                                       Served from 12.00  – 17.00


Ham Egg & Chips                                                             £9.25                                                             Carved honey roast Ham with gourmet chips, free range fried egg & peas

Cheese Ploughman’s                                                                      £9.95

Mature cheddar, Wensleydale with cranberry, stilton, pickled onions

red onion marmalade, mixed leaves, apple and a crusty bread roll

Ham Ploughman’s                                                                          £9.95

Roast honey glazed ham, pickled onions, red onion marmalade, mixed

leaves and a crusty bread roll

Cheese & Ham Ploughman’s                                                   £9.95

Mature cheddar, stilton, roast honey glazed ham, pickled onions, red

onion marmalade, mixed leaves and bread roll

Open Steak Sandwich                                                                   £8.95

Grilled rump of beef on toasted ciabatta served with red onion

marmalade ,crispy onion rings, mixed leaves and gourmet chips

Grilled Chicken Sandwich                                                       £8.95

Grilled chicken breast on rustic focaccia bread, mixed leaves,

crispy onion rings and gourmet chips

Buffalo Mozzarella & Beef Tomato Sandwich      £7.95 

Buffalo mozzarella, beef tomato, basil pesto, mixed leaves, olive bread

and gourmet chips                                                                                                                                                            

Panini Rustic Deli Roll                                                             £8.95

A toasted long roll served with gourmet chips and mixed leaves

choosing from  Ham & Cheese,   Grilled Chicken & Red onion,

Tuna, Tomato & Cucumber ,   Cheese & Onion,

                  Bon appetit !           


            Vegeterian    Dishes



Homemade Vegetarian Lasagne                                    £ 11.95                              

Made with egg pasta, sun ripened vegetables and tomato ragout

served with garlic bread and mixed leaves

Tomato & Mozzarella Tortellini                                      £12.95

served with tomato & pesto basil sauce

Roasted Veg mixed with Nuts & Mushrooms          £12.85

served with steam green vegetables of the day                                                                         

Beetroot & Goat’s Cheese Gnocchi                                    £12.75

Served with a light cheese sauce and goat cheese crumble


Three Cheese Salad                                                                      £10.95

Stilton, smoked cheddar and brie served with walnuts,

mixed leaves, grapes and French dressing                                                                        

Grilled  Halloumi &Asparagus Cheese Salad        £10.95

served with basil pesto dressing

Vegetarian burger                                                                         £8.95

Vegetarian burger with spinach and lentils served with salad,

gourmet chips


You can add a selection of seasonal vegetables of the day for only £1.95


               Bon appetit !   


                  Main Menu


Tagliatelle Bolognaise                                                                    £10.95                                     

Minced beef rump, rich tomato sauce, basil pesto and parmesan cheese

Cold Roast Beef                                                                                     £11.25

Served with a rocket salad and horseradish dressing on a warm

flat bread and gourmet chips

The  Bell  Inn  Steak burger                                                         £11.95

8oz burger served in a crusty roll with relish sauce, tomato, cucumber, mixed

leaves, onion rings and chips, add cheddar cheese, stilton or bacon for £1 each

Beef & Ale Pie                                                                               £11.25                                               

Tender pieces of beef slow cooked in Rev James ale with onions & mushrooms

topped with a puff pastry and garden peas

Chicken Breast Stuffed with  Pancetta Mousse             £15.95   

Served with kale mash, grilled asparagus, baby carrots with a wholegrain mustard sauce                                                                                                        

Surf & Turf                                                                                              £18.95

Tender beef rib and lobster tail served with potato wedges ,green vegetable and hollandaise sauce

Homemade Beef Lasagne                                                               £12.75

Layers of pasta and a rich beef bolognaise sauce topped with creamy béchamel and parmesan sauce, served with garlic focaccia bread

Traditional Welsh Faggots                                                           £10.95                                     Locally made faggots with sage and onion, served with mushy peas and rich gravy and gourmet chips

Lamb Shank                                                                                           £15.95                    

Slow cooked lamb in red wine, served with spring onion mashed potatoes and

steam vegetables of the day

Chicken Korma with Wild Rice                                                  £11.5

 Chicken breast in creamy coconut milk sauce, cooked with onion, peppers

and mild blend spices

Hot Chicken Curry and Wild Rice                                            £11.50

Chicken breast cooked in madras sauce & onion, pepper, chilli pepper and coriander

All the above dishes can be served with choise of  gourmet chips,

                               mashed ,baked or new potatoes.

You can add a selection of seasonal vegetables of the day for only £1.95

                           Bon appetit !



                                    From the Grill


Grilled 10oz Sirloin Steak                                   £18.25

Grilled 08oz Fillet  Steak                                                         £23.95

 Grilled 10oz Rib Eye Steak                                                  £18.95

 Grilled Chicken Breast                                                               £14.95

All the above steaks are grilled to your taste and served with

grilled tomatoes ,mushrooms, and onion rings.

Add a sauce for £2.75 choosing from Peppercorn, Diane, Red wine,

Port & Stilton,


Grilled 10oz Gammon Steak                                £13.95

Served with egg or pineapple and garden peas

 The Bell Inn Mixed Grill 20oz                                        £18.95

Pork chop, gammon, lamb chop, sirloin steak, sausage, grilled tomato, mushrooms and egg or pineapple

Biggest Welsh Sausages

                 Made by our award winning local butcher

Traditional Farmhouse Pork Sausage 12oz       £12.25                                                                                  

The Smoked Orleans Sausage 12oz                               £12.25                                             

All of the above dishes are served with a choice of chunky chips,      mashed, baked or new potatoes.

You can add a selection of seasonal vegetables of the day for £1.95    

                      Bon appetit !     


           Sweets of the house


Cheese Board                                                                                        £7.50

A selection of Welsh cheese, biscuits & accompaniments

Sticky Toffee Pudding                                                                   £5.45

Sponge pudding with dates and a rich butter & toffee sauce

served with cream or ice cream

Baked Alaska                                                                                      £6.95

served with a red fruit coulis                                                                                                  

Hot Chocolate Doughnuts Gnocchi                                  £6.75            

served with orange ice cream

Lemon & Lime icy Cheese Cake                                             £5.95


 Ice-cream Feast                                                                                  £5.75

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry ice cream, topped with cream,

profiteroles and chocolate sauce

Sorbet of the day                                                                                    £4.95                                                                  

Filter Coffee                                                                                             £2.25

        Please ask your staff about our speciality coffees.


             Bon appetit !

         Well behaved kids menu


In case of a non-coherent response to questioning on food choices

please substitute any of the stock answers for the below meals




I don’t care (Pork Sausage)                                                           £6.25                                                                                     

I don’t want that (Fish fingers)                                                      £5.25                                                                              

I want Mcnuggets (Chicken Teddies)                                             £6.25                                                       

Maybe (Fried egg)                                                                                      £4.95                                                                                

I don’t know (Jacket potato with cheese)                                            £5.75                                                        

Whatever (Hot Corn Dog)                                                                       £6.50                                                                 

I have to finish the game (Ham and chips)                            £5.75                                                               

WOW     (Pizza mozzarella cheese & tomato & ham)                                  £5.95                                              

I’m Not hungry (Pasta with tomato sauce)                                        £4.50                                                           


       All dishes served with a choice of chips or mash potatoes

                             and peas or baked beans


           Bon appetit !